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Industrial Safety Gates

Industrial Safety Gates

Types of Industrial Safety Gates

The indoor safety gates, sometimes called inground safety gates, are a vital component in industrial and commercial production plants. These gates separate the production area from the rest of the site, protecting personnel, material, and machinery. In addition to the Gate itself, there are several types of safety gates. They include: roller gates, vertical gates, and overhead gates. Each of these gates has their own set of benefits and pitfalls. The following describes each of these types, as well as a brief overview of the installation process.

Roller gates are the most popular type of safety gates. These are typically made of either steel or heavy duty plastic. The metal swing gate is commonly found on buildings with grade lumber. The components of these types of industrial safety gates include: Gate, spring, and gate stop. The gate is installed between the wall and the ceiling, usually with a plate spring. A heavy duty lock or cable is used to secure the gate to the frame.

There are several types of overhead, industrial safety gates that are available for both on-site and off-site installations. The most common types are: indoor swing gate, or universal size gates. U-shaped gates have the most extensive security features. They are made up of an on-site spring fitted to a heavy duty aluminum frame. The gate is mounted to a specially designed U-shaped rack, usually on a foundation footer.

Swing gates have many of the same safety features as the above type, but they are designed to swing in a counter-clockwise direction. A U-shaped gate design is most commonly used for on-site applications. Universal size gates, also known as pre-cut or self-closing hinges, have pre-cut hinged sections. It is generally recommended that the pre-cut units be purchased when ordering, as it makes the installation of the unit easier.

As compared to the other types, industrial safety gates swing gates that are designed for pre-built installations have more customization options available. On-site installations require only the basic hardware and lock design to secure the gates. Customization can be achieved by purchasing a gate that has a pre-cut latch or bolt that matches the door frame style. These types of safety devices are not difficult to install as the basic hardware required is readily available at any hardware store. Swing gates that are self-closing can be fitted with a self-closing mechanism that automatically closes the gate when the correct pressure is applied from the gate latch.

Hot-dipped galvanized or aluminum are the most common materials used to manufacture industrial safety gates. A heavy duty lock is used to prevent unauthorized entry and provide excellent security for industrial, commercial or agricultural premises. Depending on the type of gate, its operating method and the application, it is possible to purchase industrial safety gates in different widths and heights to match the requirements. Check out this post that has expounded on the topic: https://www.encyclopedia.com/law/encyclopedias-almanacs-transcripts-and-maps/occupational-health-and-safety.

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